Macarons are delicate meringue pastry cookies, gluten-free made of almond flour, sugar and egg whites.  The decadent fillings are made with high quality chocolate, seasonal fruit ingredients. Leila Love French Macarons are made fresh every day and packaged beautifully so they’re always ready for gifting!

Our Mission
Spreading love, one box of macarons at a time!

Leila Love French Macaron is the best selling nut cookie company in the United States, on
We offer variety of delicious luxury flavors for our macarons, hand crafted and packaged beautifully in fancy boxes. Always ready for gifting! Always made to order and packaged individually to preserve freshness. Shipping nationwide.

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We create luxury delicious flavors and we only use natural colors and flavors using the best and fresh ingredients. The entire fruit filling made from scratch and has no preservatives or stabilizer. Macarons are baked to order and we absolutely mean this!

Our best seller flavors are:

Strawberry pistachio crème
Raspberry peanut butter crème
Hazelnut crème with salted caramel
Tangy passion fruit cremeux
Rose and raspberry jam
Carrot cake (walnut Macaron)
Apple pie (walnut Macaron)
Coffee and hazelnut crust

And of course heavenly dark chocolate crème