My only birthday request

Hello Leila,

I asked my husband to please get me some macrarons for my birthday, instead of a cake.. I only requested 2, because I have no self control!!! Well, he got me 12!!! They are DELICIOUS!! I love the perfect bite.. crunchy shell; chewy middle with creamy center… WOW!! I am trying to allow myself 1 or 2 a day, to savor each one!!

We will FOR SURE be buying more!!

Bridgett Bowles

Bridgett Bowles
January 27, 2020

Perfect in every way and make a great gift!

I have bought three boxes of these macarons from Amazon: twice for myself, and once for a friend across the country. Each time they’ve never disappointed. They come fresh in a well-protected box and ship quick. Not only are they beautiful looking, but they explode with flavor and practically melt in your mouth. It’s a joy to receive a box of these, and I guarantee that these make for a wonderful gift. Thank you very much for an excellent product and I look forward to ordering more in the future.

Natasha Done
September 20, 2019

Very Happy Sweet 16!

I order some love from Leila for my niece’s sweet 16. Due to migraines she cannot have chocolate. When I ordered I requested that there be no chocolate in the order… and there wasn’t! My niece was THRILLED with her macarons and the fact that she could have them ALL without fear of them triggering a migraine. THANK YOU so much for handling the special request! It is GREATLY APPRECIATE! The individual service is noted and will be remembered for future needs!

Sarah Lowe
May 28, 2019

Great Macarons

We received our macarons last week and I carefully chose who to share them with because I love them so much. They were more wonderful than expected and can’t wait to treat our family again.

Pam Belville
June 4, 2019

Leila Love Macaron

Hello Leila,
Thank you for your sweet note, I received the macarons on time and the packaging is very nice indeed.
We all enjoyed to eat the homemade macarons…Thank you very much!
I will certainly ordering some for my friend’s Birthday in Fall.
“Happy Spring Season”
Best regards,

Joelle Lagarde
March 26, 2019
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